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Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA

This is absolutely disgusting and 100% real. I cannot believe that they would strip search a little kid. 

Strip searching a little boy like that is not only disgusting but uncalled for!!!!  If I were the parents I’d sue the TSA for sexual harassment.  That’s legal molestation.  If a random adult walked up to a child in the mall and did that to them, their butts would be locked behind bars.  This infuriates me watching this.  I have young son and if they harassed him like that, I would SUE Them.  Thank God someone caught it on film. This harassment at the hands of the TSA needs to stop!

  1. soupster reblogged this from soupsoup and added:
    Super disgusted.
  2. daysgoneby77 reblogged this from lunatik28 and added:
    I really don’t think “that gender” should have anything to do with wanting to take your shirt off or not. No matter what...
  3. breesnotusingthisoneanymore reblogged this from missworld and added:
    In other ‘actual’ news, not excited to come home next month if I have to go through this shit for “my safety”.
  4. relyonintellect reblogged this from soupsoup
  5. stevencloud reblogged this from jessica-dianne and added:
    Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA
  6. sarahmars reblogged this from rightsandhumanity and added:
    making me so mad. so ridiculous >:[
  7. mariebear reblogged this from therisingtithes
  8. deadacid666 reblogged this from dadadisco123 and added:
    it’s worse working at the airport and having to hear people bitch about it there.
  9. llama-a-j-o-l reblogged this from fernlets and added:
    omg. how in the hell?
  10. tyler-lloyd reblogged this from soupsoup
  11. theponicorn reblogged this from loveisjustice
  12. sorokinchords reblogged this from afgham and added:
    The procedure itself is one that isn’t in check or truly helping anything—the whole thing is crossing a line, but not...
  13. leftish reblogged this from mohandasgandhi and added:
    I am outraged! Seriously, I cannot picture flying with these as my only options. It’s creepy….really scary and very...
  14. dadadisco123 reblogged this from yeahiwasintheshit and added:
  15. jesus--walks reblogged this from yeahiwasintheshit
  16. darthtalonn reblogged this from danikasapphistry and added:
    aaand this is one reason why i hate america.
  17. ellieretrophilia reblogged this from soupsoup and added:
    I’m not understanding the point of making the kid take off his shirt. In what way is this necessary? Seems we have now...
  18. iam-mimi reblogged this from lightoftruth
  19. danikasapphistry reblogged this from lgbtqblogs
  20. yeahiwasintheshit reblogged this from savagemike and added:
    this is insane!
  21. lightoftruth reblogged this from mrtrueman and added:
    Strip searching a little boy like that is not only disgusting but uncalled for!!!! If I were the parents I’d sue the TSA...
  22. thepuppetwithoutstrings reblogged this from mrtrueman and added:
    TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine
  23. zigziggityzoo reblogged this from soupsoup
  24. scottishkilt reblogged this from biognosis and added:
    I don’t know how I feel about this. Every person regardless of their age, weight, race, appearance, religion has the...
  25. deathinitely reblogged this from drowningwaveshasmoved and added:
    See why I’m mad? See?
  26. afgham reblogged this from mohandasgandhi
  27. loveisjustice reblogged this from rightsandhumanity and added:
    This is why i’m against the TSA/Strip Search
  28. missmilquetoast reblogged this from lipsredasroses

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